Friday, July 31, 2009


One thing I’ve never been able to figure out is why other performers knock other performers. It just seems too easy and it doesn’t do any good for anybody. The worst part is, usually the person doing the knocking is jealous because the person they’re knocking has more success. Well, there’s a great reason to be pissy at somebody! Here is a good example. I enjoy seeing Criss Angel, but I’m not a huge Criss Angel fan. But you wouldn’t know it talking to me. What’s the point? The few times I have met him, he was nothing but generous and patient with what time he had. I asked a few questions a little more complicated than the girl next to me who was screaming to get a picture, but he took the time to answer them and give me what I thought were answers with substance. It wasn’t some coy or cute stock answer. And his latest show, BeLIEve hasn’t been getting the best reviews, but here is what I feel most magicians need to realize. He has a hit show on A&E and he has his own Vegas show. He’s making money doing what he loves! Who are these magicians? Usually just magic enthusiasts who spend hours on end rehearsing an already tired half assed act only to show it to friends at work or on the golf course. Magic enthusiasts who have never put on an actual show of their own NOT realizing what it takes to do that. They’re bitter and jealous armchair critics who have managed to learn a shuttle pass. Big whoop. The point is, whatever it is you do for a living or are trying to do, don’t knock someone else for his or her success. Knock them because they cut you off on the freeway. Besides, when you finally are a success, you won’t have any burnt bridges.