Thursday, July 16, 2009

Don't Ask Me How It's Done, I'm Not Telling...

I have a million different tricks I’ve bought over the years. I only buy them when I think I can use them. When I finally get a trick home and rip into it like it was a Christmas present, I lose a bit or wonder when I read the instructions. It’s usually filled with thoughts like, “That’s how you do it?” and “That’s not very exciting.” The trick itself isn’t meant to be exciting. What’s meant to be exciting is the way I present it to YOU. Being let down by how a magic trick is accomplished is a feeling I’m numb to. I will NEVER be amazed at how a trick is done. I save the amazement for when I see a trick I’ve never seen before and it blows me away. If I don’t think that trick will work for me, I don’t ask how it was done. I’d rather see that and remember it knocking me out. When you are told or shown how a trick is done, you WILL be disappointed. Trust me. There is NOTHING exciting about the secret behind a great trick.

If on the other hand you DO want to know how a trick is done, don’t ask a magician. Go to the magic store and buy it for yourself. When you get home and tear into it and read the instructions, only then maybe can you understand the let down of the secret, but more importantly, appreciate the performance that the magician puts into the trick.

Listen to me, save yourself the money and please, don’t ask how it was done – the trick is told when the trick is sold.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking you HAVE to know how it was done. Leave it to the magician to fool YOU. And if they’re any good, you’ll enjoy wondering about it hours after you’ve left.